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Invisalign® in Cypress, TX

Having well-aligned teeth is more aesthetically pleasing, but achieving a straight smile might negatively impact a person’s visual appeal. At Lakeside Family Dentistry, we offer Invisalign® clear braces, giving patients the opportunity to discreetly improve the positions of their teeth. Our dental team works with people to create a treatment plan that works best for them. We sit down and talk with our patients, to make sure they understand the dental service they are receiving as well as are comfortable with the process.

If you are looking to straighten your teeth without having to compromise your facial aesthetics, contact our Cypress dental practice today. Dr. Broden Miller and his staff are experienced dental professionals, with an eye for detail in improving people’s smiles.

Invisalign Treatment Process at Lakeside Family DentistryInvisalign in Bradford

When you come into our Cypress dental practice, seeking a solution to achieve a well-aligned smile without compromising appearance, we point you in the direction of the Invisalign clear braces. To begin this process, you must first have your dental anatomy thoroughly examined by Dr. Miller. This is to ensure you are an eligible candidate for the discreet orthodontic system and will receive all the benefits that Invisalign has to offer. Patients who are ideal for Invisalign clear braces have mild to moderate malocclusion.

If it is determined that you are a suitable candidate for Invisalign clear aligners, digital images are taken of your smile and sent to the Invisalign lab. This is where they craft your customized trays and create visual representations of how their appliances improve the positions of teeth. The Invisalign lab will then send back the personalized clear braces to our Cypress dental practice.

Dr. Miller explains to you, the proper techniques and routines to maintain your smile. This means keeping your aligners inserted for 22 hours a day and rinsing your trays during your daily oral hygiene routine. One of the main benefits Invisalign clear braces has to offer other than being discreet compared to metal-based orthodontics is that they are removable. This means patients are free to enjoy their favorite foods and don’t have to worry about damaging their appliances.

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At Lakeside Family Dentistry, our Cypress team is dedicated to the well-being and aesthetic of your teeth. Dr. Miller and his capable staff make every effort to meet your dental needs and bring you to your desired smile, all while exceeding your expectations with our quality customer service. 


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