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Crowns aren’t just for royalty at Lakeside Family Dentistry in Cypress, Texas. Their team of expert dentists, led by Ryulee Song, DMD, and April Lee, DMD, provide their patients with high-quality dental crowns that can restore, replace, or protect a compromised tooth. To learn more about how a dental crown can improve your smile, schedule a visit today by calling the office, or booking an appointment online.

Crowns Q & A

What is a dental crown?

A crown is an artificial tooth cap. When your dentist fits you with a crown, it permanently covers up all of your tooth material above the gumline, feeling and functioning just like a natural tooth.

Your dentist can also design your crown so that it looks like a natural tooth, too. Porcelain and other materials have a color and translucency that matches that of your natural teeth, enabling them to blend in seamlessly with your smile when used as a crown material.

Why would I need a dental crown?

Lakeside Family Dentistry typically uses crowns to strengthen or restore a tooth that’s suffered more damage or decay than a traditional filling can address or protect a tooth from further damage after it’s suffered a significant fracture or break. They are also common after a patient has a root canal procedure to restore strength and structure to the weakened tooth. 

Dental crowns can also serve cosmetic functions. The team at Lakeside Family Dentistry can use a crown to effectively replace a tooth that’s discolored, misshapen, or otherwise unsightly. 

A crown can also replace a tooth that’s entirely missing when used in conjunction with a dental implant.

What’s the process of getting dental crowns? 

The team at Lakeside Family Dentistry can fit your crown in two easy office visits. 

At the first appointment, your dentist prepares your tooth by shaving off some of its enamel to make room for the crown; then takes a highly accurate impression of your mouth that they send off to a dental lab. 

That lab uses the impression to custom design and fabricates your crown to fit comfortably in your smile. You wear a temporary crown for the next couple of weeks while the lab molds your permanent crown. 

Once your permanent restoration is ready, you come back to Lakeside Family Dentistry for another visit. Your dentist removes your temporary crown, cleans your mouth, and puts the permanent restoration in place. They check that the bite and fit are accurate and comfortable, then seal it in place with dental cement.

For dental crowns to restore or improve your smile, schedule an appointment with Lakeside Family Dentistry. You can call the office to book your visit or use the convenient online scheduling tool.