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Lakeside Family Dentistry in Cypress, TX 

Lakeside Family Dentistry invites patients and their families to receive quality dental care from our exceptional dental team. Dr. Song and Dr. Lee are patient-oriented dentists who consider the patient’s needs when creating a treatment plan, ensuring they achieve the best outcome possible. No matter the age, our dental professionals match the appropriate dental services to the patient, making sure they obtain optimal oral health and aesthetic.

Looking for a dentist that meets the needs of each member of your family? Look no further! Our Cypress dentists and their staff make every effort to properly address the different oral health issues that affect patients within the various stages of life.

Young Patients and Dental CareFamily Dentistry in Cypress

Our dental team ensures to emphasize the importance of oral hygiene with children. We educate them on the importance of their daily dental care routine and the proper techniques to maintain their teeth and gums. After a young patient’s permanent teeth have emerged, we teach them how to preserve their oral health for a smile that lasts a lifetime.

Utilizing a combination of modern techniques and routinely visiting the dentist every six months effectively ensures that a child’s dental anatomy remains in the best condition. Consistently attending biannual check-ups also prevents the development of complications that could negatively impact their well-being as well.

If our doctor finds any issues with your child’s smile, she creates a treatment plan that you and your child are comfortable with. Even though she wants to do everything possible to bring your child to their best oral health, she doesn’t begin any dental services without knowing they can both move forward confidently.

Adults and the Elderly Dental Care

As patients progress into their adult years, we keep a thorough record of their oral health to ensure we recommend the most appropriate dental services to meet their needs. Because of the relationships we have built with our patients, we have in-depth knowledge about the unique aspects of a patient’s smile due to the relationships we have built with patients. This understanding allows our Cypress dentists to efficiently improve the condition of their patients’ teeth and gums.

Utilizing a personal approach to dentistry, we dedicate ourselves to enhancing dental function and aesthetic. Dr. Song and Dr. Lee make sure to include you when devising your treatment plan to help you remain comfortable when undergoing your procedures. Our dentist has the skill and capability to address dental issues such as periodontal disease, malocclusions, discomfort, infection, and aesthetic concerns.

For those with missing teeth, we offer restoration to renew the beauty, function, and health of your smile. We want patients to be able to continue their daily lives normally without having any concerns related to their teeth and gums.

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If you would like to know more about how our friendly and committed dental team can bring you and your family’s smile up to par, call or visit Lakeside Family Dentistry in Cypress! Dr. Song and Dr. Lee are excited to meet you.


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