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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Cypress, TX

Toothaches and inflammation of the gums are typically signs of a dental infection, especially if they are accompanied with a sensitivity to temperature. At Lakeside Family Dentistry, we alleviate discomfort and help patients reach optimal oral health. Even though there is a negative stigma surrounding root canal treatment, our dental team does everything we can to assist patients in relaxing before, during, and after the procedure.

At our Cypress dental practice, we combine a gentle and personable approach to help patients achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. We make sure you are a part of your treatment every step of the way.

What is a Dental Infection?

An infection of the tooth begins in the pulp, a collection of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues. A tooth becomes compromised when tooth decay penetrates the enamel and enters the inner dental structure. Teeth that have been injured or suffered damage are more susceptible to a dental infection as there is easier access to the pulp. Bleeding of the gums, sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, swelling, and an abscess are additional symptoms to look out for as it may mean you require root canal therapy.

Root Canal Treatment in CypressRoot Canal Consultation in Cypress

Before recommending the root canal procedure, Dr. Miller thoroughly examines your smile and takes dental x-rays to view the state of the tooth. Once it has been determined that the tooth needs treatment, we talk with you about the step by step process of the procedure. Once you are comfortable and confident to move forward, we meticulously numb the area to ensure you feel no pain.

After the anesthetic has taken effect, our dentist reaches the dental pulp through an opening in the top of the crown. He removes the infected tissues and sterilizes the root canal, making sure to eliminate any harmful bacteria. Then he fills the cavity with a composite resin known as gutta-percha to prevent microbes from re-entering the tooth.

To help strengthen the treated tooth, Dr. Miller places a porcelain crown on top of the natural dental structure. This is to restore dental function and protect the tooth from reinfection.

Restore Your Dental Health

If you are experiencing dental pain or any of the symptoms listed above, contact Lakeside Family Dentistry. We do everything we can to restore the health of your smile, ensuring you are comfortable and confident to perform your everyday tasks. Our Cypress dental team is dedicated to meeting your dental goals and exceeding your expectations. 


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